KFCRIS Researchers Publish Article on Saudi Efforts in Countering Violent Extremism
Date: 2018-07-22

The Director of the KFCRIS Research Department and Head of the Security Studies Unit, Dr. Abdullah bin Khaled Al-Saud, and Research Fellow, Yousuf Zarea, have published an article in a report by The Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), entitled: “De-Radicalization in the Mediterranean.”

The report focuses on how the governments around the Mediterranean responded to the rise in jihadist extremism and radicalization, as countries in the MENA region were rocked by a series of deadly terrorist attacks.

The article by Dr. Abdullah Al-Saud and Yousuf Zarea focuses on the “Saudi Efforts in Countering Violent Extremism.” The article deals with Saudi Arabia’s experience in dealing with the threat of terrorism and the long history of animosity and confrontation with terrorist groups, as the Kingdom began efforts in this field almost a decade earlier than other nations.

The article discusses the many initiatives started by the country, including programs aimed at providing rehabilitation to extremists already in detention, and other programs aimed at countering the spread of extremist propaganda online. These initiatives include the Sakinah (tranquility) Campaign, the Mohammed bin Naif Counseling and Care Center (MNCC), and more recently, the Etidal (moderation) center.

The article can be accessed by clicking on the following link: https://www.ispionline.it/it/pubblicazione/de-radicalization-mediterranean-21009



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