Mutabaat | Algeria

Number: 3
Author: Mohamed Al-Sbitli
Algeria is moving towards presidential elections scheduled for next December. Several practical steps have been taken, including the formation of a national election authority that is independent of the Ministry of Interior, and the appointment of a body to administer it. However,  these measures did not find consensus. In spite of the start of the electoral movement and the withdrawal of many candidates; the opposition remains generally reluctant, and sometimes refusing to neither participate nor nominate. This is in addition to the occurrence of some arrests and temporary imprisonment of the most prominent faces of the movement. It was also
Number: 2
Author: Mohamed Al-Sbitli
Since the fall of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the anti-corruption campaign has continued in Algeria and has affected a large number of military and civilian officials. The anti-corruption campaign started immediately after the resignation of the President and the completion of the “Fifth Covenant” project, mainly targeting the Bouteflika’s entourage. In parallel, Movement activities continue every Friday, and the mediation and dialogue efforts also continue. The latter completed its work and submitted a report to the current President. Therefore, it can be said that the next stage will be the beginning of the transition to the nor
Number: 1
Author: Mohamed Al-Sbitli
Are the Algerian elites approaching a political solution? Several indicators emerged, partisan, interactive and administrative consultations. In addition to the arrival of a political figure in addition to the emergence of the initiative of the mediation and dialogue led by Karim Younis. The English translation is currently unavailable.  




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