Khalid Alshaikh

Khalid Alshaikh joined KFCRIS in 2018 as a Research Assistant in the Security Studies Unit and he is currently an Associate Fellow with the Center. He holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science from Portland State University, where he graduated with greatest honor (Summa Cum Laude).  During 2017, he was an intern with the Middle East Forum. 

Khalid, co-authored Iran’s Clandestine War on the Kingdom of Bahrain where he explored the relationship between Al-Wafa Islamic movement and Saraya al Ashtar. He, also, published an article titled, “Trump fails to properly address ISIS” and authored a paper under the supervision of Dr. Peter Bechtold on Islamist groups in pre/post Qaddafi’s Libya. Moreover, he was a Research Assistant to Dr. Lindsay Benstead on topics such as Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, Jordan, and Tunisia





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