The Saudi Approach to Reception and Accommodation: The Case of Displaced Syrians
Date: 2019-04-30
Author: Emina Osmandžiković

Since 2011 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has diligently worked to amend its traditional immigration and social integration system, thus developing a comprehensive approach to the reception and accommodation of displaced populations, with a special focus on displaced Syrians and Yemenis. The Kingdom has had a long history of assisting displaced populations both within and outside its borders, including the acceptance of Palestinians and Uighurs, a number of whom have become naturalized. However, nothing in this history has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive approach to regularizing displacement. Thus, the modification of the immigration system for visitors in order to receive and accommodate displaced Syrians is unprecedented, having the potential to shift the global approach to the reception and accommodation of displaced populations in a more locally-based direction.





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