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Mohammed Aldujayn This study aims at investigating Saudi tourist phenomenon’s contributions/impacts to/on the tourism industry in Turkey. Additionally, it provides more focus on Trabzon and draw examples and reasons, being it one
WAN Lei This article discusses the infamous “Nanhua Incident” in 1932 occurred in Shanghai and the consequent responses of two distinguished scholars in modern China, Hui Shih and Lu Xun, and their attitudes toward it. The t
Tehran’s rekindled, yet dangerously more assertive role in Syria is testament to its efforts to expand strategic depth, ranging from Iraq, over the Shia-offshoot Alawite-dominated heartland in Syria, to the Mediterranean shores in both Syria and Lebanon. In that context, asserti
Mona Alami Contradictory reports have emerged in recent weeks of a possible partial withdrawal of pro-Iran troops in Syria under the aegis of Russia, which is attempting to diffuse a dangerous escalation between Tehran and Tel Aviv. Pre
ALFAISAL magazine is a monthly cultural magazine published by Dar al-Faisal cultural of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies , and the magazine was founded in 1397 AH / 1977 .

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