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Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share a long history of close bilateral ties, bonded together by religion and a wide array of aligning political interests. Over the years, this bilateral relationship has matured int
This second issue of African follow-up is devoted to the file of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a geopolitical issue. The Ethiopian vision and the positions of Sudan and Egypt on the issue of the dam were presented, which sparked long differences and negotiations without reaching a compromise solution. The file also include
 This month (April) marks the death of two Shite scholars, one of them Muhammad Kazem Shariatmadari (1985) who was imprisoned in his home and prevented from medical treatment for cancer by order of the Iranian regime and the Supreme Leader. He was diagnosed with cancer whilst in prison and was kept incarcerated despite b
The Bedouins of the Negev and Beersheba: 100 years of politics and struggle” (publication of Columbia University Press - New York) is a valuable critical study and an archival document that provides a historical, politic
Women Writers of Saudi Arabia is a literary exploration of the country’s finest contemporary writers, who have contributed to the enrichment of cultural life in the kingdom, both locally and nationally. Entwined with mod
ALFAISAL magazine is a monthly cultural magazine published by Dar al-Faisal cultural of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies , and the magazine was founded in 1397 AH / 1977 .

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