Questions of Oil & Culture in the new "Alfaisal"
Date: 2017-05-09

Alfaisal magazine dedicated its new issue to the questions of oil and culture. It raised a number of questions, such as: How did the oil affect the person living in the Gulf, and how is it culturally and socially different? Why did oil become a curse in the Arab revolutionary literature? Why did the people of the Gulf not transfer oil to literature, poetry, and narration? These questions come about 80 years after the launch of the black gold, and those participating in this issue include: Mohammed Rumaihi, Fawzia Abu Khaled, Mohammed Yahyaee, Ali Abu Rish, Hassan Madan, and Saad al-Anzi, Osman al-Khuwaiter, Abdullah Madani, who dealt with the relationship between oil and culture from different angles . Alfaisal addressed Tunisian sociologist Tahir Labib, who says that the paradox of the Arab revolutions, which is a major change for the future, has led politically to a previous political power with two wings of the past. He believes that the clinging to a non-historical past behind the emergence of savage beings, stressing that the Arab discourse has not changed, but has fallen in many locations.

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