Previous Events

April 4, 2023
Online Lecture: Arabic Manuscripts in Guinea
March 1, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): Preserving the Arab Heritage in the Digital Age: Technical Barriers and Their Solutions
March 1, 2023
Public Lecture: Did the Arab just Transfer Knowledge? Arab Astronomy and the Influence on the European Renaissance
February 28, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): The Emergence and Development of Arab Scientific Thought: The Formation of Narratives and Histories
February 28, 2023
Public Lecture: Preserving the Arab Heritage in the Digital Age: The Vision
February 27, 2023
Lecture (Invitation Only): The Arab Roots of the Development of the Scientific Movement in the Arab-Islamic Civilization
February 15, 2023
Panel Discussion (Invitation Only): China in MENA: Aspirations and Challenges
February 1, 2023
Workshop (Invitation Only): Strengthening Cooperation Between Saudi Arabia and Europe on Regional Security and Energy and Regional Files
January 30, 2023
Online Panel Discussion: Irregular Migration from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula and the Coasts of Southern Europe
January 25, 2023
Online Panel Discussion: The Evolving Role of Gulf Energy Producers in Multilateral Climate Efforts
December 14, 2022
Lecture (Invitation Only): Belt and Road Initiative and Religion: Local, Transnational, and Geopolitical Imaginations and Assemblages
December 13, 2022
Public Lecture: Alexandre Dumas' Arabian Stories
December 12, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: Saudi Arabia's Future Workforce: 2030 and Beyond
December 7, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Influence of the Arabic Language on Some Languages of the Red Sea Coasts and Their Heritage and Literature
December 5, 2022
Panel Discussion (Invitation Only): Incident Response: A Case Study on National Museum
November 22, 2022
Symposium and Photography Exhibition: Saudi-Bosnian Relations: A Historical View and Prospects for the Future
October 25, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: Germany and MENA in a Time of Shifting Energy Landscapes (Jointly Organized with German Orient-Institute and Al-Ahr
September 19, 2022
Public Lecture: Source of Life: Water Management in the Premodern Middle East
September 14, 2022
Public Lecture: “Nuzhat al-mushtāq” with the Geographer Al-Idrīsī (jointly organized with Saudi Geographical Society - King Saud Univ
September 7, 2022
Public Lecture: Migration of Concepts and Transformations of Culture