The KFCRIS makes publications in a variety of forms such as research paper, book, and periodical.

Research papers are available in the PDF format. Books and periodicals are printed by Al-Faisal Cultural House (Dar al-Faisal al-Thaqafiya), a publishing arm of the KFCRIS, and are available at bookstores and through distributors as well as at the Center.


Research Papers


Dirasat (KFCRIS Papers) - A research paper that is longer than 5,000 words

Qira’at (KFCRIS Humanities Papers) - A research paper on humanities subjects that is longer than 5,000 words

Special Reports - An analysis that is longer than 2,000 words

Commentaries - An analysis between 1,500 and 2,000 words

Africa Followups – A regular update on African affairs

Policy Briefs - An analysis of current affairs between 1,500 and 2,000 words

Masarat - An anonymous analysis of current affairs (2013-19)

Weekly Report on the Impacts of COVID-19


In 2020, the KFCRIS published 8 Dirasat, 1 Qira'at, 14 Special Reports, and 22 Commentaries and Policy Briefs.

In 2019, the KFCRIS published 12 Dirasat, 8 Special Reports, 15 Commentaries and Policy Briefs, and 3 Masarat.

In 2018, the KFCRIS published 13 Dirasat, 3 Qira'at, 7 Special Reports, 12 Commentaries, and 5 Masarat.


Contact: research@kfcris.com





Al-Faisal Cultural House publishes Arabic books and English books.


Contact: MS@kfcris.com





Currently Al-Faisal Cultural House publishes the following three periodicals:

Journal of Linguistic Studies (Arabic)

Al-Faisal Magazine (Arabic)

International Journal of Humanitarian Studies (Arabic and English)

In the past, the House also issued other periodicals such as the journal Islam and Modern World and Al-Faisal Scientific Magazine: their publication may resume in the future.



Journal of Linguistic Studies: arabic1433@gmail.com

Al-Faisal Magazine: contact@alfaisalmag.com

International Journal of Humanitarian Studies: journal@ksrelief.org


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