Makio Yamada

Dr. Yamada was appointed a Senior Research Fellow in September 2018. He joined the KFCRIS in September 2016 as a Research Fellow, and served as Head of the Political Economy Unit between July 2017 and December 2018. He is also currently a Lecturer at the Institute for Transregional Study, Princeton University. Before joining the KFCRIS, he was a Teaching Fellow at the SOAS University of London and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. He obtained his D.Phil. in International Relations and M.Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, and B.L. from the University of Tokyo. 


Publications at the KFCRIS

"The Future of Work and Education in Saudi Arabia in Light of the G20 Policy Debate”, Special Report, 2019 (co-authored with Lama Khaiyat)

"Skilling Youth: Japan’s Experience in ‘Joint Training’ of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, Commentary, 2018

“How Did Japan Achieve a 1% Unemployment Rate?: Facilitating the Education-to-Employment Transition”, Dirasat, 2018.

“King Salman's Visit to Tokyo: In Search of New Concepts for Saudi-Japanese Relations”, Commentary, 2017.

“Saudi Vision 2030 and the Transformation of Saudi-Japanese Economic Relations”, Special Report, 2017.

Major Works

"Can Saudi Arabia Move beyond 'Production with Rentier Characteristics'?: Human Capital Development in the Transitional Oil Economy", Middle East Journal, 2018.

“Saudi Manufacturing: Can Monozukuri Take Root in the Kingdom?”, in Annika Kropf and Mohamed A. Ramady (ed.) Employment and Career Motivation in the Arab Gulf States: The Rentier Mentality Revisited, Gerlach Press, 2015.

“Saudi Arabia’s Look-East Diplomacy: Ten Years On”, Middle East Policy, 2015.

“Gulf-Asia Relations as ‘Post-Rentier’ Diversification?: The Case of the Petrochemical Industry in Saudi Arabia”, Journal of Arabian Studies, 2011.


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