Maha Fallatah

Policy Initiative

Maha Fallatah is a Research Fellow at KFCRIS. She joined KFCRIS in May 2019. Before joining the Center, she worked as Middle East division manager at Cuore Co. Ltd. in Tokyo and as a tourist guide and translator after she had passed the highest level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1) in 2014. She obtained her master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Tokyo University of Technology in 2017, and her bachelor's degree (first-class honors) in Public Administration with a specialization in Health Services and Hospitals Administration from King Abdulaziz University in 2011.

She is a Principal Researcher of the Project "Insights from Global Tourism Policies and Practices," which examines global tourism policies and practices with the aim to provide ideas for Saudi tourism development. She wrote a policy proposal entitled "Crowds on the Horizon: Is Saudi Arabia Prepared to Tackle Overtourism, a Downside of Tourism in the Digital Era?" (2021).



Publications at KFCRIS

Establishing Knowledge-Based Tourism: Certifying Tourism Workforces’ Knowledge of Local Region for Enhancing Competitiveness and Easing Training,” Commentary, 2020.

The Return of Women: A Post-Rentier Rediscovery of the Arabian Heritage of Female Workforce Participation,” Commentary, 2020 (Co-authored with Karolen Eid and Makio Yamada).

Road Rest Areas: Hidden Opportunities for Domestic Tourism and Local Economies in Saudi Arabia,” Commentary, 2020.

Enriching Culinary Tourism: Potential of Area-Based Competition (ABC) for Local Food Product Development,” Commentary, 2020 (Co-authored with Makio Yamada).

Linking the Tourism Opening to Local Product Development for Sustainable Job Creation: The Experience of the 'One Village One Product' Movement in Japan,” Commentary, 2019 (Co-authored with Makio Yamada).


Major Works

「コロナ後のサウジ観光市場が急成長」『アラブ』["The Post-Corona Saudi Tourism Market Has Been Rapidly Growing," Arab], 2023.