Security Studies
Date: 2017-05-24

The Security Studies Unit was created in April 2018 with the goal of studying issues of national, regional, and international security. The unit explores a variety of topics, including: terrorism, armed non-state groups, regional conflicts and their implications, and radical ideologies and their evolutions.

The Security Studies Unit aims to attract distinguished researchers and cooperate with renowned academic institutions and international centers of expertise. Through procedures of rigorous analysis and scholarly research, it will be able to provide knowledge-based policy recommendations that contribute to the growth and development of the Kingdom and the region as a whole.


Dr. Abdullah bin Khalid Al Saud

Director of Research, and Head of the Security Studies Unit


Research Fellow

Research Assistant

Associate Fellow 








The Red Sea Region: Security, Economy, and the Future of the Entity of Coastal States. Apr. 2019.

Cyber Security: Challenges and Opportunities. Apr. 2019.


Humanitarian Situation in Yemen, From Relief to Development and Reconstruction. In cooperation with the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen. Mar. 2019. 

Hundred Years Later: The Meaning of WW1 for the United States. Mar. 2019. 

Foreign Fighters in Leaked ‘Daesh’ Documents: Analysis of those coming from Saudi Arabia. Feb. 2019. 



Nuclear Security: Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.In cooperation with King’s College London and Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. Oct. 2018.

The Future of the Religious Establishment in Iraq. Aug. 2018. 


The Humanitarian Situation in Yemen: Reality and Challenges. In cooperation with Saudi Humanitarian Assistance Center in Yemen (Isnad). Oct. 2018.


Salafi-Jihadism: History of an Idea, by Shiraz Maher. Nov. 2018.


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