The library accompanied the establishment of King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies growing with every stride the Center took. Keen on staying abreast of technological advancements it became one of the leading libraries in the field of humanities, rendering its services to researchers from within the kingdom and abroad. It is one of the first libraries to have used information delivery services by means of express mail and emails to its recipients in Riyadh and abroad. In an effort to fulfill the objectives of the center of supporting the research movement, realizing Arab Islamic Heritage, highlighting the Islamic civilization’s role in the progress of civilizations throughout history, helping researchers within the Kingdom and abroad to reach and make use of information quickly and effortlessly, the library strives to provide all scientific resources in their various forms.

The library contains all sources of human knowledge from books, journals, audio-visual materials, electronic materials, manuscripts, and records. The library stays abreast of all sources of knowledge rare or new, especially to that which is related to Arab and Islamic civilization and orders what is appropriate, then proceeds to record it and follow it up until it arrives at the indexing and cataloging department. The library has also taken great strides in digitizing and linking its materials to all the databases owned by the center for the purpose of facilitating remote access. It also has an effective role in the exchange of information and printed materials with Arab and foreign bodies, reflecting the cultural civilizational role the library does within the Kingdom and abroad.








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