Iran's Revolutionary Guard and economic hegemony: goals and motives

Hasan Radi

This study begins with a quick overview of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,  its emergence,  its political, military, security and economic objectives that were behind its establishment. The study then moves on to view the Guard’s economic activity and the economic aspects it controls in Iran through the creation of its own companies, or the takeover of existing companies with established economic activities. This tactic, in turn, enabled the Revolutionary Guard to gain complete control of Iran’s security and economic policies. The author shows – through statistical data, tables and charts – the Guard’s dominance over all aspects of the Iranian economy. Although the author did not address all the Guard’s economic activities in detail and mainly focused on the heavy economy (manufacturing, building materials, armament, agriculture). The author did, however, allude to the Guard’s activities in smuggling, drug trafficking, alcoholic beverages, money it generates from internationally wrongful acts, forging Iraqi currency in Iran – which was a contributing factor to the economic crash in Iraq and the prevalence of corruption in that Arabian society.

(Full English translation of the study is currently not available.)