Technical Procedures Department:

The procedures department (Collections Development) is considered central to any library dedicated to serving researchers. It represents the regulatory basis of any type of office work, and all procedural processes for sources of information are directed through it starting from book and journal selection and so forth. The next step is technical organization from indexing and cataloging using the latest private bibliographical systems prevailing worldwide in an effort to facilitate the process of information recovery for those visiting the library's website. The duties of this department can be summarized into:

  1. Tracking new book and journal releases and acquiring the appropriate material
  2. Indexing and cataloging books, journals, dissertations provided to the library
  3. Subscribing to journals and completing and acquiring missing editions
  4. Transforming various documents from books to magazines and others into digital files and linking them to the database
  5. Recording lectures and panel discussions held by the center and transforming into digital files.
  6. Organizing and shelving different records in the repository after assigning them with recall numbers
  7. Taking stock of duplicated materials and preparing them for exchange and gifting with various bodies
  8. Compiling worn books and periodicals and transferring them to the binding department