Treatment and Restoration Department

This department started its trial run in 1404 AH under the supervision of a UK team of experts in the field of manuscript restoration. Workers received intensified training courses related to different aspects of the process. The Treatment and Restoration Department works on preserving manuscripts, documents, rare books and on sterilization. The department is equipped with an integrated laboratory that contains necessary items and tools to process the manuscripts and documents In order to kill insects, fungi, and worms affecting these documents. The process of sterilization by means of dry cooling has proven to be effective in replacing sterilization with chemical materials and toxic gases that may incur harm to the workers. Key duties:

  1. Sterilization of manuscripts, documents, books, periodicals produced by the center and from other sources.
  2. Restoration of different documents by filling in holes and repairing tears.
  3. Preparation of documents for restoration by ascertaining ink stability, removal of acidity, softening dry papers, and reinforcing weak materials.
  4. Providing training courses for technicians in the center and elsewhere.
  5. Sterilization and restoration of manuscripts outside the center with an agreed financial fee.
  6. Providing technical consultations to different parties.
If the need for a consultation or a manuscript restoration arises, please contact the department through the following channels: Email: Tel. 0114652255 ext. 6639-6638