HUNG Tak Wai

Asian Studies Program

Dr. HUNG Tak Wai is an Associate Fellow at the KFCRIS for the period between January 2020 and December 2022. His research concerns the transformation of culture in East Asia since the early era of globalization. He has particular research interests in minorities in the region, mainly on but not limited to Muslims and Christians, with a focus on faith and identity of them and their interaction with the majority of the society.

He is currently affiliated with Centre for Study of Islamic Culture at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He earned his Ph.D. at University of Hong Kong. He was awarded fellowship from different institutes of Academia Sinica and Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.


Publications at KFCRIS

"The Birth of Religious Tolerance for Foreign Religions in Late Imperial China: A Brief Review from the Perspective of the Relationship between Religion and the State," Dirasat, 2020.


Major Works

近世中國伊斯蘭教史料彙編(《清實錄》)  [Collection of Islamic Historical Source in Early Modern China (Qing Silu)] Centre for the Study of Islamic Culture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, forthcoming (Co-authored with Wong Ting Cheung 黃庭彰).

功德生民則祀之︰「政教分離」與中國宗教的「政教關係」 [Whoever is Meritorious to the People shall be Deified: “Separation of Church and State” and the Religion State Relationship of Chinese Religion] 《二十一世紀》 [Twenty-First Century] , forthcoming.

“After Diu: The Forgotten Islamic Trade in Early Nineteenth Century Cantonese Confucian Historiography,” Journal of Islam in Asia, 16(1), 2019.

1760年至1864年伊犁之穆斯林與帝國:清帝國宗教政策的反思 [Muslims in Ili from 1760-1864: Rethinking of Religious Policy in the Qing Empire] 《中東中亞研究》 [Journal of Middle East and Central Asia Studies] 2, 2018.

“Marginalized Christianity and Western Learning in Early 19th Century Confucians’ Understanding of Western Knowledge in Huangchao jingshi wenbian,” Sino-Christian Studies, 23, 2017.