The King Faisal Center Library is considered one of the most important research-oriented libraries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because of its valuable collections of sources in the field of human sciences. The Library stores nearly 200,000 book titles, over 40,000 university theses, and over 5,000 periodicals (most of which are refereed periodicals) in addition to 28,000 original manuscripts, 130,000 pictured manuscripts, over 40,000 original documents, and over 20,000 cassette and video tape. These sources have been selected according to the standards and conditions that serve the Center’s interests and help the Center achieve its goals. Most of these sources have been converted into digital files.

The Library has three main sections:

General Collections: works on developing and managing the Library’s collections of books and periodicals, university theses, audio-visual materials and maps.

Special Collections: works on developing and managing the Library’s collections of original and pictured manuscripts and documents. It also collects the manuscript indexes of global libraries and enters the data in its heritage database. It is also responsible for providing indexes of the Library’s manuscripts, preparing exhibitions, and receiving visitors who wish to view the collections.

Services for Researchers: provides services for researchers through the platform on the Center’s website. These services include surveying information, obtaining sources and references, investigating whether certain topics have previously been studied, and depositing university theses and issuing the certificate of that deposit.

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