Women Writers of Saudi Arabia : Poetry, Novels and Short Stories

Women Writers of Saudi Arabia is a literary exploration of the country’s finest contemporary writers, who have contributed to the enrichment of cultural life in the kingdom, both locally and nationally. Entwined with modern and postmodern critical theories, this study focuses on eleven writers and poets, some of whose work is presented in English for the first time. The broader goal of Ieman Abdulrahman Alkhayal and Nawal Mursi Ahmed’s work is to highlight how Saudi women writers interpret their country’s rich traditions, social environment and culture of past and present whilst opening doors to the future.

作者 Ieman Alkhayal / Nawal Mursi
语言 English
版次 1
精装版价格 125 ريال
海运 按照沙特阿拉伯邮政部门的平邮




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