Number: 2
Author: Edited by: Dr. Mohamed Al-Sbitli
This second issue of African follow-up is devoted to the file of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a geopolitical issue. The Ethiopian vision and the positions of Sudan and Egypt on the issue of the dam were presented, which sparked long differences and negotiations without reaching a compromise solution. The file also included the positions of Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti. The articles presented clarify the backgrounds of disputes and documents on which the countries concerned depended on determining their position. An article on the Muslim community in South Africa was assigned to this issue.     *Available in Arabic only
Number: 1
Author: Edited by: Dr. Mohamed Al-Sbitli
Monthly report on developments in the African continent. This issue reviews the course of events in some African countries. Like the challenges of the transitional period in Sudan. And analyzing Boukouhram's strategy in Lake Chad and Nigeria. And external interventions in the internal political affairs of Somalia and border disputes between Mauritania and Senegal. As well as some other topics.
Number: 6
Author: Mohamed Al-Sbitli
This article reviews the reasons behind the results of the presidential elections. It exposes the new political party balances and the challenges ahead of Abdul Majeed Tabun, especially after the death of the strong man, the Chief of Staff and Deputy Minister of Defense Ahmed Qaid Saleh. The English translation is currently unavailable.  




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