Mutabaat | Tunisia

Number: 3
Author: Mohammed Al-Subaitli
Tunisia's political and party landscape is moving towards significant changes. This is what the results of the first round of the presidential elections on September 15 suggested. In anticipation of the outcome of the legislative elections to be held on October 6, the parties are trying to read the messages of the voters through a thorough study and a comprehensive assessment of what happened and what resulted from the first round of the presidency. Therefore, the political arena may witness a reversal in the balance between parties with the decline of organizations that have played an advanced role since the 2014 elections.
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Number: 2
Author: Mohammed Al-Subaitli
This paper presents a preliminary reading on the results of the Tunisian presidential elections held on Sunday 15 September 2019. The turnout was surprising to observers of the Tunisian affairs as it reached only 45%. The election was surprising due to the decline of traditional parties in favor of new actors. Candidates in this election sent direct and indirect messages to various parties at home and abroad, such as determining a position on ideological issues, how to combat terrorism, an
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Number: 1
Author: Mohamed Al-Sbitli
Tunisia's upcoming presidential elections (September 15th) represent an important political milestone for the country and all parties involved. As a political event, it represents a new step in the consolidation of the democratic and pluralistic path. On the other hand, it is a real challenge for parties and all candidates. *The English translation is currently unavailable.  
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