Security of the Red Sea Region

Number: 38

This study attempts to shed light on the geopolitical importance of the Red Sea and attempts to find an approach to the definition of the Red Sea and the Maritime Strategy, in addition to highlighting Saudi Arabia's efforts to preserve the security of the Red Sea, which is a common Arab security front. Many Arab states bordering the Red Sea share the collective responsibility to protect it. The Suez Canal and the Bab al-Mandab Strait are the main entrance points of the Red Sea and for the security and navigation of it. The security of the Red Sea is part of the security of the surrounding countries, As well as its importance to the major Powers in relation to the navigation traffic and its link to the commercial and economic interests of those countries. Recently, the regional interaction has increased, especially with the emergence of new players in the Red Sea arena, such as Iran and the Houthi group supported by it. In addition, the great countries are interested in the continuity of the navigation movement and trying to study the impact and ways of interacting with these variables.

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