Previous Researchers:

# Researcher Name Research Topic
28 Salima Yahiaoui
27 Andrew Leber Diverse of local -Regions and Resources Develoment in Saudi Arabia.
24 Umer Karim Evolution of Saudi Foreign Policy, the nature of change in foreign policy and the strategic adopted by new Saudi royalty to achieve foreign policy goals.
26 Roll Stephan Economic reforms in Saudi Arabia-Vision 2030.
25 Ahab Bdaiwi Medieval Arabic Philosophy Islamic Intellectual History
22 Deborah Wheeler Economic and Social Development in the Arab World: Comparative Case Study Approach. Empowerment and Future of Saudi and Jordanian Women.
23 Brannon Wheeler Hunting and Sacrifice in Ancient Arabia: Origins of Islamic Sacrifice.
21 Krell Dominik The Challenges of Codifying Islamic Law
6 Masooda Banno Cross-border study: modern islamic authority and social change
20 Jessie Moritz Diversifying the Rentire State: Development Strategies in the Modern Arab Sattes of the Gulf

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