Morocco From One Election to Another: The Political Scene and The Future of the Justice and Development Party

This report attempts to examine Moroccan elections held in 2016 where the Justice and Development Party (JDP) took the lead. This win, though, did not give the party the power to form a new government by itself and was forced to seek help from other party/parties. Moroccan parties were very versatile in hampering JDP’s attempts to form a new government, wasting 5 months of effort from Abdullah Bin Kiran and forcing the Monarchy institution to call on another person from the party (Saadeddine Othmani) who was able to form a government in 15 days. What did Othmani achieve and Bin Kiran fail in?; What were the alliances forged?; What are its effects on the political future of the country?; What pressures were practiced by the (deep state) on Bin Kiran and his party that resulted in his failure to form a government?; What forced  King Mohammad VI to reprimand Moroccan parties and remind them of Morocco’s role in the African continent?; and What are the obstacles facing the government and what are the effects they have on the future of these parties? This special report regarding legislative elections in morocco holds the answers to these questions.


(English translation of the study is currently not available)