Al-Faisal Institute for Human Resources Development hosted a training course on manuscript binding and decoration

日期 2017-11-15

Training course | | 2017-11-15

The Alfaisal Institute for Human Resources Development held a training course entitled "Binding and Embossing Manuscripts" for two days during the period from 15 to 16 November, 2017, at the Institute's headquarters in Riyadh.

The course was presented by Mr. Fawzi Khamis Qadri, an expert in binding and decoration of manuscripts and supervisor of the Binding Department at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies. 14 students from the College of Tourism and Archeology at King Saud University participated in the course. 

The course included several axes:
1- Historical background on Islamic binding and decoration.
2- How to design an Islamic cover.
3- Method of drilling the covers.
4- How to design manuscripts with gilt motifs.
5- How to evaluate the manuscripts with decorations.
6- Experience of the King Faisal Center in binding and decoration.
7- Definition of the Roman binding.