Turki Alfaisal: Iran has abused the nuclear deal to push its ambitions in the region

Date: 2017-09-20

The chairman of the King Faisal Center for Islamic Studies Prince Turki Alfaisal said in an interview with Sky News Arabic channel in New York on Tuesday, September 19th 2017 that the world must address Iran's blatant interference. 

"Iran has exploited the nuclear agreement to advance its ambitions in the region and has boasted of its military presence in five other countries, including Arab countries such as Yemen, Syria and Iraq, including non-Arab countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan," he said.

Prince Turki Alfaisal called on the GCC countries and the region in general to be cautious of the danger of the end of the terms of the nuclear agreement, which would then accelerate Tehran to develop a program to acquire a nuclear weapon and follow the example of North Korea, stressing that: "A state with Iran in which the threat to the peace and stability of the Gulf region and the entire Arab and Islamic world, as Iran's aspirations expressed previously," while expressing regret for the support of the State of Qatar for Iran's serious ambitions.