Booking A Kingdom Unseen: People of Saudi Arabia

The King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies issued in London a new book entitled, A Kingdom Unseen: People of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with Medina Publishing by the author and photographer Alex Schlacher. It is an illustrated trip undertaken by the author in 2018, during which she toured between the regions of the Kingdom, where the book includes a selection of photos on natural, heritage, and touristic themes, as well as photos of seventy individuals the author notes as "representing the diversity of vibrant and rapidly developing Saudi society." In addition, the book "provides a quick glimpse into the lives of people within one of the world's fastest modernizing countries." The author, an Austrian-born journalist who lives in Britain, points out that the book, with its accompanying photos and stories, will contribute to enlightening those who wish to learn about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which now welcomes tourists from all over the world. A Kingdom Unseen: People of Saudi Arabia was issued in a deluxe large-piece edition, contains 220 pages of photos, and provides an overview of the Kingdom's heritage, cultural treasures, and tourist attractions, in addition to shedding light on various features of daily life in Saudi society. This book challenges our assumptions about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The author traveled across the country to meet people leading ordinary lives. She has shown that ordinary life in this particular part of the Middle East is perhaps more similar to ours than we expect. This book introduces us to the citizens of this country outside of politics and away from stereotypes. The author is untraditional in her approach to researching her themes, which she may pour her emotions into when she finds them. With a piercing, yet soft, gaze, Alex Schlacher looks through her lens to a face and she will not be satisfied until she feels she has picked up something hidden.

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