Prince Turki Alfaisal: Archaeological Components and Scholarships Abroad are Among the Best Means to Promote the Concept of Marketing Homelands
Date: 2018-05-24

Prince Turki Alfaisal, Chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, said that Saudi Arabia's archaeological assets such as the new monuments and legislations, including Neom and Qiddiya, as well as scholarships abroad, contribute to promoting the concept of "marketing homelands."

In a lecture on "marketing homelands" in the Chamber of Commerce in the capital Riyadh on the evening of Tuesday, 15 May 2017, he explained that to communicate and sit face to face is the best way to reach others and a means to market countries, unlike ambassadors and visits of businessmen, and sending students for scholarships. He pointed out that there is nothing to hide from others: "We cherish our history and our heritage."

Prince Turki Alfaisal said that the Islamic religion has the advantages that contribute to the marketing of homelands that guarantee the rights of all, and it addresses the problems of the world in a simple and attractive way.

He added: "Scholarship abroad is one of the best ways to promote and contribute to the marketing of homelands. The King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies has a project in which students from around the world and its universities can come to visit Saudi Arabia and its various sites, as well as the Center's Visiting Fellow program.


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