Umer Karim

Asian Studies Program

Umer Karim is an Associate Fellow at KFCRIS. His research focuses on Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy and politics, in particular Saudi-Iran regional rivalry and the broader geopolitics of the Middle East.

He is a doctoral researcher at Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham. He is also a visiting fellow at Royal United Services Institute, London where he focuses on Pakistan's evolving political and security environment within its neighborhood.


Publications at KFCRIS

"Pakistani–Saudi Ties: Anatomy of a Unique Relationship," Dirasat, 2022.

Political Change in Pakistan: What Should We Expect from the New Sharif Government?,” Commentary, 2022.

“Sino-Indian tensions in Ladakh and impact on Pakistan,"Commentary, 2020.


Major Works

"Inter-Regional Embedded Security Model: Turkish and Emirati Engagement in the Horn of Africa," in Robert Mason and Simon Mabon (eds.), The Gulf States and the Horn of Africa: Interests, Influences and Instability, Manchester University Press, 2022.

"Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan: A Strategic Triad in the Making," Al Jazeera Center for Studies, 2021.

“Pakistan’s Military Steps in to Manage Tense Ties with Saudi Arabia,” AGSIW, 2020.

“Death of Qassem Soleimani: What to Expect in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” RUSI, 2020.

“The Evolution of Saudi Foreign Policy and the Role of Decision-making Processes and Actors,” International Spectator, 2(52), 2017.