Daniel Golebiowski


Daniel Golebiowski is a Senior Research Fellow at KFCRIS. He joined KFCRIS in September 2022 and previously was a Consultant and a Research Fellow. Before joining KFCRIS, he worked as a Senior Expert on Saudi Arabia for the EU Delegation in Riyadh and as an Assistant Director of Postgraduate Diploma Studies in Cultural Diplomacy at the European Studies Institute, Jagiellonian University. Currently, he is also a Consultant for Cultural and Public Diplomacy for the Embassy of Palestine in Poland and a Lecturer at the Middle and Far East Institute of Jagiellonian University. He obtained his PhD in Cultural Studies and his MSc in Middle Eastern Studies from Jagiellonian University, and his BSc in International Relations and Diplomacy from Katowice School of Economics. His research interests encompass culture and its role as an instrument in the EU's external action, with the particular focus on relations between the EU and countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
Major Works