Vision 2030 and Reform in Saudi Arabia: KFCRIS-CMEC Podcasts



KFCRIS in collaboration with the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) presents a series of podcasts informing listeners on the progress of Saudi Vision 2030.

The podcasts are based around the report "Vision 2030 and Reform in Saudi Arabia: Facts and Figures (April 2015 - April 2021)" with a foreword by Saud al-Sarhan.



Overview Episode:

This podcast provides a broad overview about Vision 2030 including societal and socioeconomic transformation in Saudi Arabia.



Dr. Hoda Alhelaissi (Member of the Shoura Council since 2013 and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee within the Shoura)



Dr. Yousef Alshammari (CEO and Head of Oil Research at CMarkits)


Episode 2: Women's Empowerment

This episode discusses the role of women’s empowerment in the Kingdom.



Dr. Thoraya Obaid (Under-Secretary General/Executive Director, UNFPA; former Shura Council Member)



Ibrahim AlMubarak (Senior Advisor at Whiteshield Partners, former Deputy Minister for Social Security in Saudi Arabia)


Episode 3: Culture, Sports, and Entertainment


Episode 4: Religion and Tolerance


Episode 5: Investment and Employment