Arab–Islamic Art Collection

This collection includes more than 500 objects from various regions in the world, representing the historic eras of the Islamic civilization from the second century AH (seventh century AD) up to current times. It includes weaponry, writing tools, ceramic and metal wares, medical instruments, wood carvings, textiles, and coins.

The Museum's Permanent Gallery on the 1st floor displays this collection under the title "A Narrative of Arab-Islamic Civilization."


Medical implements used in Persia, c. 6th to 9th centuries AH

Flail from Southern Europe, 12th century AH

A wooden box decorated with Persian miniatures, 18th century AD

Glass bottle form Damascus, 1st century AH

Glass bottle from Persia, 1st century AH

Nabatean candlestick from the Arabian Peninsula, 3rd century AD