Seventeenth-Century Islamic Teaching in Medina: The Life, Circle, and Forum of Ahmad al-Qushashi

Ahmad al-Qushashi was the most dominant Sufi scholar in seventeenth-century Ottoman Hijaz. He is depicted as merciful to other people in many biographical sources and writings, and his support for coffee culture was predicated on his concern for the economic welfare of the inhabitants of the Hijaz, who benefited from the production of coffee. His role in spreading knowledge as far as Indonesia cannot be ignored. Most later renowned Sufis and hadith scholars, to whom some modern historians refer as the proponents of “Islamic revival and reform,” transmitted certificates from Ibrahim al-Kurani (d. 1690) that originated in al-Qushashi’s scholarly genealogy. However, little research has been done on the life, writings, and legacy of al-Qushashi. This paper offers insights on the intellectual formation of this leading scholar.