Social Life (BC) in the Light of Thamudic Inscriptions in the Hail Region

Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman al-Dheeb

The settlement of Hail, located in the north of Saudi Arabia, dates back to the Stone Age, and its environment has largely helped in making it a more attractive location than others. Writings known as “Thamudic writings” left by the Hail man - which we would to also refer to as: popular writings, due to  their number, spread and content. These writings were in the thousands, and clearly covered all areas of the Arabian Peninsula from north to south going through the central region, and from west to east, but to a limited extent so far, at least in the latter. Its contents reflect the reality of the human without trimmings or beautification, and we can call it without hesitation: Tweets of that time; it expresses the hopes, ambitions, calls, inventions and details of man’s life at the time; it is short and direct, all this was spread by a solitary writing that used a unique Thamudic pen.

The English translation of this study is currently not available.