Impacts of the Saudi Tourist Phenomenon on Turkey’s Tourism Industry: Examples from Trabzon

Number: 38

Mohammed Aldujayn

This study aims at investigating Saudi tourist phenomenon’s contributions/impacts to/on the tourism industry in Turkey. Additionally, it provides more focus on Trabzon and draw examples and reasons, being it one of the most visited city for people in Saudi Arabia. It explains Saudi phenomenon, how it developed and how it can contribute economically, culturally and socially to Turkey’s tourism industry and specially the city of Trabzon. This report aims at answering the following questions; how Saudi tourists’ phenomenon’s appearance impacts Turkey’s tourism? What possible political, economic and cultural outcomes contribute to this phenomenon? In addition, why Trabzon is the most desirable by most Saudi tourists? Lastly, how Saudi tourists’ increase can particularly impact the socio-economic of Trabzon? How the fast-growing Saudi tourists (and businessmen) contribute to the city infrastructure, local municipality’s support, local culture and business’s growth and challenges and future perspectives.