The Development of Government Policies in Support of Saudi Renewable Energy Sector

Number: 40
Sarah Alotaibi

This study aims to describe the status of the renewable energy sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its development stages, by presenting the course of government's development policies in supporting and encouraging the spread of renewable energy uses since previous years until today. The study also tries to monitor the reality of the changes and challenges faced by this sector, and its impact on the restructuring of the sector, and some other relevant entities.

In the second part, the study reviews the strategy of strengthening local content and policies to support local industries and export development. The study is also based, in its policies analysis, comparing them with the most important global practices, especially those that are similar to the nature of the challenges faced by the Kingdom.

Finally, the study tries to answer the following question: What is the impact of the entry of large companies to invest in the Saudi renewable energy sector on the growth of the sector, such as the partnership announcement with Softbank vision fund? And how can it benefit from its role in the transfer and resettlement of technologies without being an obstacle to the growth of the sector locally?

The English translation of this study is currently not available.