Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia: Bilateral Opportunities in a Changing Middle East.

Mohammed Alrmizan

This report outlines the Azerbaijani-Saudi relationship from historical, economic and recent perspectives and developments like recent military agreements, economic exchanges, trade, and tourism while considering regional and international challenge issues in the Middle East. At first, the report briefs on the historical aspect of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their mutual and bilateral relationship. Second, it focuses on economic values between Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in terms of trade and tourism. Third, the report provides some analysis on regional and international implications on the Azerbaijani-Saudi reciprocal relationship specially the U.S., Russia, Iran and Armenia. Fourth and last, the report concludes by shedding light on the future of the relation of Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, and ends with suggesting some practical recommendations for policymakers to further enhance and improve relationship of both countries.