Manuscripts Collection


The KFCRIS is known for its extensive collection of manuscripts. The Center preserves around 28,500 titles of original manuscripts, which are occasionally showcased at Al-Faisal Museum's themed exhibitions, such as Masahif Al-Amsar (2017), Wahj: Adornment of the Page (2019-21, now available online), Takwin: Sciences and Innovation (2019-22), and Asfar: Treasures of King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (2022-present).



Photographed Manuscripts

Moreover, the KFCRIS stores more than 140,000 copies of manuscripts digitally, or in microfilms or microfiches. These include around 15,000 copies of manuscripts which the KFCRIS obtained from British Library in microfiches in 1999, and around 8,000 copies of manuscripts preserved by National Library of France (Bibliothèque national de France) which the Center purchased through the UNESCO in microfilms in 1989.



In addition, Al-Faisal Museum works on the restoration of manuscripts. 1,145 titles of manuscripts have been restored and conserved so far.

The notable restored manuscripts include:

Tafsīr al-Ṭabarī: 522 sheets
Fatḥ al-Qadīr: 595 sheets
Kalīla wa Dimna: 156 sheets
Akhbār al-Nisā’: 159 sheets
Mumluk Qur’an: 405 sheets

Manuscripts are sterilized in a modern way and bound with the traditional methods from the Islamic civilization.

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