Previous Events

April 13, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Russia-Ukraine War: African Repercussions
April 6, 2022
Online Lecture: EU-China Relations at a Crossroads: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
April 4, 2022
An analysis and description of a rare Meccan manuscript of al-Qadi ʿIyad's "al-Shifa fi taʿrif huquq al-Mustafa" (on the rights of the Pro
March 23, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Implications for Yemen
March 15, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: China-Middle East Relations
March 9, 2022
Islam in Central Asia and the Caucasus since the end of the Soviet Union
March 6, 2022
Workshop (Invitation Only): Foreign and Security Policy in the framework of the German-Arab Gulf Dialogue on Security and Cooperation
February 23, 2022
Online Lecture: South Korea's Middle East Policy in the Reform Era of Gulf Monarchies
January 17, 2022
Online Panel Discussion: The Right to Asylum in International Refugee Law and Islamic Law: Theory and Practice (with REF-ARAB Project at Uni
December 16, 2021
Online Panel Discussion: Global Energy Transition and Saudi Arabia: Opportunities and Challenges
December 15, 2021
Online Lecture: Spanish Silver in Yemen and Yemeni Coins in New England in the 17th Century
December 7, 2021
Online Lecture: Is Islam Still Relevant to India-Gulf Relations?
December 7, 2021
Webinar: Resilience to Violent Extremism through Strategic Communications (with UNCCT)
December 1, 2021
Online Discussion: Post-pandemic Economic Perspectives in Latin America
November 9, 2021
Online Lecture: State Building in China and Taiwan: Bureaucracy, Campaign and Performance in the early 1950s
October 25, 2021
Public Lecture: Reconsidering Regional Security
October 25, 2021
Panel Discussion (Invitation Only): Social Safety Nets in Saudi Arabia Post-Covid
October 24, 2021
Online Lecture: Impact of the Energy-Water-Food Nexus on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
October 19, 2021
Online Lecture: Contemporary Turkey and Neo-Ottomanism
October 11, 2021
Public Lecture: Contemporary Great Power Competition